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Our mission is to provide an effective private teaching service and to support students in their efforts to achieve their academic goals. We also strive to open doors by creating an inspiring environment, in order to help each individual to realize their potential for success.


We believe that every student has the ability to develop their full intellectual potential. We inspire and support them to reach their maximum potential through their studies.


Goal-oriented education

  • Goal Setting for studies during Admission Session: We assist students in defining their aims for what they want to achieve as their end of year mark, final exam result or language exam outcome.
  • Creating an Action Plan: This is based on the goals set, the level of the student, the total number of lessons and the time available for the preparation
  • Continuous monitoring: the performance of the student is continuously measured by tests in written and in oral formats. Interim reports are provided to keep parents updated with their child’s progress.

At our education center we provide a Complex Academic Support Program, involving the following 3 fields:

  • Tutoring:
    Tutoring is facilitated through personalized subject teaching that focuses on improving upon individual weaknesses, mastering the material and ensuring the development of a deep and powerful understanding. The teaching process is based on an action plan customized for the individual.
  • Academic coaching is provided as an individual instructional experience. This is built in and combined with tutoring, in order to enhance a range of academic skills including analytical, organizational, time management, note taking, creativity and expository expression.
  • Mentoring:
    We help students by advising and creating strategies that are tailored to their academic goals and specific situation. We can also provide help when it comes to choosing the right universities and colleges and in the university application process.

Complex Academic Support Program


Open Mind Education Center was founded in 2013 with the aim of challenging and inspiring students in reaching their full potential with the assistance of goal-oriented private education. We place special emphasis on supporting students to gain admittance to top universities around the world. Moreover, we are emphatic about promoting our students to achieve academic excellence. We prepare our students to set and reach their goals. With our guidance, students will be equipped with the with the knowledge to enjoy a productive and successful career.

Many of our students attend international schools, such as the American International School of Budapest (AISB), British International School of Budapest (BISB), SEK, Britannica, Greater Grace International School (GGIS) – and various other high-ranked Hungarian schools. We specialize in IB Diploma preparation for students in Grade 11-12.

Since the successful launch of Open Mind Education Center, the number of students attending to our Education Center has tripled and continues to increase to this day.