IB Maths exam: Taking your knowledge to the next level

Preparing for the International Baccalaureate IB Maths exam, you are part of a global community of more than one hundred thousand students who take thier IB DP Final Exams every year. If you would like to gain admission to top-ranked universities around the world and maximize your scores on the exams, feel free to contact us so we can help you build a solid knowledge of IB Mathematics, Standard level or Higher level, during your preparation. For a successful university or college entry, getting the required IB scores is a must – this is what we can help you achieve!


What are the elements we use to help you achieve success?



Mastering your Mathematics skills to surpass the IB Mathematics exam requirements

Academic coaching

Improving general academic performance in areas such as focus, study strategy and problem-solving skills.


Counselling and guidance to assist with university and college application


Pave my path to a successful IB Mathematics Exam


Our IB Maths tutors will provide you with:


  • Teaching according to Open Mind Education Center methodology,
  • A high-standard tutoring of according to the Personal Progress Plan created by the Education Manager
  • Improvement in focus, study strategy and problem-solving
  • Help in being admitted to top-ranked international universities and colleges by achieving your best performance


All of our young professional IB Math tutors teach according to the guidance of the Education Manager, providing a standardized, high level of tutoring throughout the IB Exam preparation./p>


Our IB Math tutors are available for:


  • Students from international schools in Budapest, Hungary
  • Students from abroad


Whether you live in Budapest, Hungary, or abroad, our tutoring service is available in person at our Budapest based Education Center or online via Skype You can apply to our IB Maths Exam Preparation service below. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your individual needs.


Mathematics tuition

IB Diploma preparation:

  • Higher Level
  • Standard Level
  • Studies

GCSE preparation

SAT preparation

Tutoring from 5th – 12th Grade

Our tuition is available on Skype as well.

English Language and Literature

English Language and Literature tuition

  • IB English Language and Literature (HL, SL)
  • Tutoring from 5th – 12th Grade (Language Skills, Literature, Language Arts, Essay Writing)
  • SAT preparation
  • Language examinations (C1, B2)

Our tuition is available on Skype as well.

IB exam preparation

IB Diploma preparation

  • IB Mathematics (HL, SL, Studies)
  • IB English Language and Literature (HL, SL)
  • IB Business and management (HL, SL)
  • IB Economics (HL, SL)
  • IB Biology (HL, SL)
  • IB Chemistry (HL, SL)
  • IB Physics (HL, SL)

Our tuition is available on Skype as well.